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[1.9.3] Raid pokemon catching bugged fix completed for upcoming version

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Unable to catch any pokemon defeated from raids, when pressing catch, nothing happens. Solo and with others we get the same issue, please fix asap.


#29228 Posted by zThana » 16 Feb 2023 19:13

Can confirm. It used to consistently break when the player would have any type of pokeball in a shulker box within their inventory but that is no longer the case. If I have any additional info, I'll be posting it here.

#29229 Posted by zThana » 16 Feb 2023 19:47

It seems to be related to shulker boxes. Having any type of poke ball in the shulker boxes breaks it for me. Try having a shulker box of pokeballs and you'll see you've become unable to catch.

Even with the image below, the catch button simply doesn't do anything. (Could still toggle through them)
The image below was with pokeballs in a shulker box.

#29232 Posted by urnbob » 17 Feb 2023 06:50

I believe I found (at least for my instance) the problem. When the first ball selected after a raid (so the one you see first) has 128+ somewhere in your inventory (so shulkers in your inventory + bags in your inventory + inventory itself) the bug happens. It seems to happen a lot more with shulkers/bags I assume since you usually throw in a lot of the same balls in there and they get selected before pokeballs in your inventory. I can fix the issue by just placing a random pokeball in the first slot so I don't have 128+ of the first ball anymore.

So for me I can't catch it with this shulker (and no other) in my inventory:
But I can this way:
Does this behavior happen for other people as well?

#29240 Posted by LordSamosa » 17 Feb 2023 11:40

Hi there. Thanks for the report, I was able to reproduce this using urnbob's method. It's freaking out over having 128+ Pokeballs of the same type (or in the first slot of a box). Keep an eye on this ticket for any updates.

#29241 Posted by LordSamosa » 17 Feb 2023 12:06

I also compiled some images of this. It's really weird...
Shulker box: https://imgur.com/a/KaeTvyn
Inventory: https://imgur.com/a/AeRfOpx

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