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[9.1.3] Raids do not drop TRs pending

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Raid Battles do not seem to have TRs as drops, despite the wiki stating otherwise. I know they used to drop from raids but this has not worked for months now.


#29416 Posted by Decent60 » 12 Mar 2023 01:18


TR's are in the loot pool for 9.1.3, what makes you believe that they're not?

#29417 Posted by TheMightyClippy » 12 Mar 2023 02:35

I have tested in both the server I frequent (which is very close to a vanilla Pixelmon experience) and in singleplayer and raids do not drop any TRs.

#29418 Posted by Decent60 » 12 Mar 2023 04:59

That is a bit odd.

I went in and replaced all drops with TR's (excluding ANY) and seems it's not behaving properly.

Thanks for the report!

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