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[Version 9.1.3] Reassembled Zygarde not affected by modified shiny rate in config fix completed for upcoming version

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When I was trying to get a shiny Zygarde using the Reassembly Unit in a world with the shiny rate config set to 2.0 (50%), I didn't get a shiny from dozens of tries, which would be highly unlikely if the rates were really 50%. I tried 10% forme, 50% forme, and 50% forme with Power Construct and nothing worked. The other Pokémon spawning in the overworld however, were 50% shiny as the config was set to. I'm additionally concerned that Zygarde may in-fact be shiny locked from the Reassembly Unit, although I haven't done enough shiny rolling to be sure of this.


#29522 Posted by Decent60 » 05 Apr 2023 03:00


Can confirm this does occur. Also with Mewtwo.


#29524 Posted by Yomei » 05 Apr 2023 14:13

Additionally, once the root of the issue is figured out, would it be possible to tell me whether or not Zygarde is essentially shiny locked or not in this version as a result of this issue?

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  • Status: Fix completed for upcoming version
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  • Reported on: 04 Apr 2023 22:45
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