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[9.1.3] Fake Out Bugs needs more information

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Fake Out currently does not actually flinch opponent's while in battle.

Additionally, if you use a move such as U-Turn or Teleport, and bring in a Pokemon with Fake Out, they are unable to use Fake Out the next turn. This is not the way it works in games, or on Pokemon Showdown (I play all the time).


#29680 Posted by RaptorDX » 12 May 2023 22:31

Hello. Neither of these issues occurred for me. I was able to use fake out after switching out using U-turn, and fake out was flinching opponents just as it should.

Could you please provide more details? Specifically the pokemon that were used and the battle logs.

#29682 Posted by Mikirae » 12 May 2023 23:46

We're using Daniel's Battle Fixes Mixin. It seems that there are no flinches at all in it, and we did test the U-Turn into Fake Out a few times.

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