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[9.1.5] Megaboss pokemon won´t spawn if.. fix completed

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Megaboss pokemon won´t spawn if enable-wild-aggression: false instead of true

I noticed it during my gameplay when i set it on false, that not even a single megaboss spawned during 3 hours of playing.

Even with setting it to 100% spawn chance, not even a single one spawned.

By setting it ( enable-wild-aggression: false) back to true they spawned again how they should.

I don´t know if this is really bug or intended, so I´ll just let you know


#30022 Posted by RonomakiK » 06 Jun 2023 06:23

It might be something else. I tried setting to true and have 100% chance of spawning, but still could have them spawn.

I was on a biome (the pumpkin-like biome from Oh The Biomes You'll Go) in a Creative World where the chance of a megaboss spawning was 100% and the possible spawns was 50% Pidgeot and 50% Ampharos. They never managed to spawn, even with 100% chance and aggression set to true (so I don't know if that was the case or not, or even if the fact that it was on an already existing world has anything to do with it)

I already told this to the devs on the Discord, but wanted to comment here as well to have this information in the bug tracker itself too.

#30024 Posted by WaifuJanna » 06 Jun 2023 16:31

Can confirm this.
But it has nothing to do with Aggression.
The Scheduled Megaboss just doesnt work at all.
If you find a random Megaboss in the world, that is cause a Normal boss spawned, and that boss was legendary or ultimate, and that boss had a mega form. Aka "always try to mega"

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