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[9.1.5] Server crash due to Galarian stunfisk in raid den. pending

Ticket description:
Here is the crash report: https://pastebin.com/ZRuJS1Ut


#30111 Posted by Decent60 » 13 Jun 2023 03:32


Not so much StunFisk but the Mimicry ability with Grassy Terrain.
But very easily reproduced with G-Stunfisk in a Raid Den.

Also please don't mark something as a security ticket unless something is exploitable. This was a simple battle error, not a server crash (even your logs reflect this).


Ticket details

  • Ticket ID: 20574
  • Project: Pixelmon Mod
  • Status: Pending
  • Component: Crash
  • Project version: 1.16.5-9.x.x
  • Priority: Normal
  • Severity: Normal
  • Forge/Sponge: Arclight
  • What else would be useful to know?: (unknown)
  • Assigned to: Decent60
  • Reported by: AncientFr33z (Send PM)
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  • Reported on: 12 Jun 2023 13:13
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