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[9.1.5] Abilities changing after Mega evolving pending

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This one seems to be a little inconsistent as you'll see in the clip above it took a few tries, but after mega evolving (in this case Gardevoir) its ability will change from Trace to Synchronize after reverting to its non-mega form.


#30233 Posted by Decent60 » 29 Jun 2023 23:01


I'm afraid I couldn't repeat this issue. I tried with both Gardevoir and Slowbro (both using their second listed abilities) with 10 battles each.

Was there any plugins or mods that would affect abilities or mega forms installed?

#30239 Posted by Mike5357 » 30 Jun 2023 00:28

While the previously linked clip was on a live server with other plugins and sidemods, I can consistently recreate it on singleplayer with only pixelmon installed, and no datapacks. Clip and log attached were even on a newly created world, with freshly regenerated configs. Notice that you can see it convert from its regular form back into a mega form after the battle has ended (right before I summon the bulbasaur look in my party, as well as while im inspecting the pokemon UI near the end). When this happens, I know the ability has broken.

New recording from singleplayer: https://clipchamp.com/watch/eg2QzMYdu87
Client log: https://mclo.gs/byghVDa

While re-testing this I've also had Pixilate remain stuck on Gardevoir after it's reverted to non-mega and stayed like that.

#30240 Posted by Decent60 » 30 Jun 2023 01:21

Was able to finally able to reproduce it slightly differently.


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