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[9.2.0] items do not properly render when worn in the head slot pending

Ticket description:
When a block or item is placed in the head slot that is not normally placeable in the head slot (such as with /hat from external plugins or cosmetics plugins/sidemods etc), the item on the head will not render in third person or in the inventory as it normally would when Pixelmon is not installed.

To reproduce easily/without plugins on both a vanilla client and one with Pixelmon installed:
Code: Select all/item replace entity <player> armor.head with minecraft:acacia_log

Without Pixelmon installed, the item will render properly on the head. With it installed, it will not be visible.

This also means pool floaties can no longer be "worn"- the summer vibes are DEAD
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#30530 Posted by Mike5357 » 28 Aug 2023 11:29

Even easier example of normally equippable items/with no commands needed to test:
Mob Heads and Player Heads do not render when worn. Player, Zombie, Creeper, Skeleton Skull, Wither Skeleton Skull, Dragon Head, Piglin Head

#30532 Posted by Mike5357 » 28 Aug 2023 19:16

The item in your hand also does not render in the inventory preview of your player model or in third person either

#30596 Posted by LordSamosa » 03 Sep 2023 13:25

Thanks for the report, I was able to confirm this. Moving to internal

#30750 Posted by LordSamosa » 04 Oct 2023 17:29

Not fully fixed in 9.2.3, items do not render on the head still. Hands work. Leaving open

#30792 Posted by LordSamosa » 08 Oct 2023 17:14

Extra info from another ticket: https://pixelmonmod.com/tracker.php?p=2&t=21138

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