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[9.2.4] Eevee Can't Evolve Into Sylveon pending

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No matter what i tried i couldn't get it to work, had a Level 33 Eevee that knew Moonblast, Charm and Baby-Doll Eyes with 230 Happiness, tried day and night even tried at 12000 ticks the small gap between day and night to avoid Umbreon and Espeon but then it simply doesn't evolve at all


#30921 Posted by EVKnucklehead » 31 Oct 2023 15:30

Evolving into sylveon also requires being in a "Flowery" biome, such as Minecraft's Flower Forest or Sunflower Plains. If it still won't evolve into sylveon when all the conditions are met, then there's a bug.

#30922 Posted by SebKay » 31 Oct 2023 15:56

ah yeah probably should have added that i tried in both biomes

#31165 Posted by 9Tales » 13 Nov 2023 22:26

Confirmed. Moved to internal.

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