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Pixelmon API Additional Events for EV +/- and Hyper Training implemented in vcs

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Hello, in the process of developing a Sponge plugin I noticed for there to be no direct event that is fired when a Pokémon is hyper-trained with silver/gold bottle caps. Likewise while there is an EVGainedEvent event for when EVs are gained during battle there are no additional events for when EV increasing or decreasing items are used on a Pokémon.

Currently the only way I know to detect the use of bottlecaps on a Pokémon (my knowledge is very lacking) or the use of Proteins etc/Pomeg berry etc is using a Sponge event for when a player interacts with an entitity and then extracting if it was a Pokémon and if they interacted with the relevant items.

In short I'm not specifically requesting these exact events be implemented but more bringing this gap in the event API to attention in a more formal setting.

Thank you very much :D


#23378 Posted by Emdd » 14 Oct 2021 05:17

I have also just noticed there also don't seem to be associated events regarding ability changes with a Pokémon from any of: mint, ability patch or ability capsule.

#23914 Posted by Envyful » 14 Dec 2021 09:53

Added in VCS

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