By lugiaisbeast101
KuryoZT wrote:This marill is too cute to be in-game, damn it is

Yeah, I like this model to, it pleases my eyes o.0

By Jumpyporcupine
Zariu wrote:well, you're starting to get the idea ^^ it has improved a lot from your first one. Marill should be round front and back, however. I'd also suggest bigger eyes and more of a smile, Marill should look completely adorable. I'd suggest looking at Karry's Eevee and such for ideas on how to make insanely cute eyes. To pull that off, you should make the texture HD if it isn't, or probably make the texture bigger if it already is HD. The feet also look a bit big to me personally... and rotated blocks would be better if you can figure them out.

Keep going and you'll make an awesome model ^^

It's going to be hard to make marill that round but i'll try. The soul reason why marill is so flat is because I had a hard time texturing when it was round. And yes now that I look at marill closer I
see that his feet are a LOT smaller. And I was attempting to use rotated blocks but it wasn't looking good so to keep it safe I didn't use them.
By Jumpyporcupine
KuryoZT wrote:This marill is too cute to be in-game, damn it is

Should I make it less cute?
By Jumpyporcupine
karrybird wrote:looks much better than before.
but yes, marill is supposed to be a little floaty ball, he's way too flat here.
the hands and feet should be much smaller and stumpier. and the tail needs to be zigzagier.
and i dunno, the ears look a little square don'tcha think?
i'd also suggest using blocks on the sides of the body to add to the "roundness".

also, as i have said countless times before, black is the devil's color and should never be used in a model. it just doesn't look right in almost all cases.
but i do appreciate that you lightened up the colors, the way they are now looks really nice. :)

Thanks for the advice. I totally forgot about the black and will work on the ball. But do you have any tips on how to make the tail?
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By Tom_X
#20833 I'ts really good, except for the feet and roundy things. If you corrected those, this could easily be in the mod!
By Polifroeg
#27058 It needs to b a small bit more round but its lookin good
By PixelNerd2002
#29075 Why are the ears so big?