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By xWildxManx
#15311 Image

I've got another model I have to share with you guys, Spinarak
But, I need help with Texturing the Face on his back, his fangs, and his eyes
If you would like to help I could send you the Techne file and maybe you could help me out!
Also criticism is always welcome, but try not to be mean about it

See ya

By lugiaisbeast101
#15323 I could explain to you how to texture him, but I won't physically do it myself. Just pm me when you want me to help.
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By xWildxManx
#15457 OK guys I HD textured it so here you go

Added pupils and made the mouth frown
I also had a glitch where I made a black dot inside the pupil and the eyes moved from different sides of the white pupil, kinda like the eyes were following me........ :shock:
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By xWildxManx
kungfumidget wrote:Much nicer Texture, I think this is actually quite a good model, but I would suggest adding a joint in the legs not just 1 block have 2 so it kinda look like it has knees.

Thats excaclty what I did originally but it was pretty hard to texture XD
Ill re-do it anyway