Which one is better in your opinion

By Vikerus
Leqesai wrote:
MegaStannyBoy wrote:
'Get a better computer' xD

Excellent solution 8-)
But what about those who are unable to afford a super powered computer? The problem with Java as a gaming platform supersedes the necessity to improve one's hardware. When working with Java optimization should always be an important factor. The whole point of using Java is that it is pretty much universal, working across almost all platforms. If you fail in maintaining optimized code then you're going to end up with a product that is too inefficient and runs only on the most powerful systems. Is this really the demographic Pixelmon seeks to target? Most Pokemon fanatics are, I would say, in the 13-20 year age bracket. Not exactly the most financially secure age group, by far.

'Rob a bank' See problem solved.