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By Hypnose
#22151 First off allow me to say great job, it looks wonderful.~ Just a few things I can see that I would fix if it were my model though.
First, add more spots and try to make them look more like they do on the picture that lugiaisbeast101 posted.
Second, the two orbs on the sides of his branch.. hand.. arm things.. They should be closer to what would be his hand.
Lastly, make the Y on his head a tad bit thicker.

By Yaseen
MrMasochism wrote:he must get sore arms


anyway great model
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By Jack_Attack12
#22385 Wow this looks amazing, but your doing a lot of non gen 1 models and your not finishing what you started! Lol
By Ewcongogamer
#23130 As soon as they do start doing Gen two I would try to be the first in with your Sudowoodo!
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By Kyiv
#70046 Looks Great!
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By zero_breaker
#70081 Derp, I am going to remake this in Techne :P
Sorry Jumpy :3
By tkgamer18
#70317 So far good but the orbs on his arms are too blocky so try to make them round if you can.
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By Neonkeii
#70590 Love it. The eyes are a bit "tall" though. In the picture they are rounder. Just a suggestion, if you want to be more accurate to the picture. ^-^