By riley11rules
#24291 Hi guys just letting you know that I am beginning my Magby project ill be posting Updates every time i feel i'm gaining some ground! So stay posted on this page! (this is my first)

Update 1!
Image I know its got alot of work but i thought id just show you what i've done before i take the textures back off to edit them and add more parts

Update 2!
Image Image Legs/hip base blocks done! should be done in another 2-3 hours of work!

Update 3! Criticism required for the arms please!
Do you guys like the arms now?ImageRed arms 2x5x2
Blue Arms Bigger and more consistant as magbys actually are!
Black Hands and Shoulder 3x3x3! Makes it possible to add the fingers/nails on!

Update 4!
Tail done! Any constructive Criticism? Image

Guys i need help with magbies mouth any ideas i dont think this here looks good

By Jumpyporcupine
#24356 I already know your going to need to make it hd.
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By Hypnose
#24359 That is usually one of the first criticisms added. Also add noise and make any black a dark grey. Although that might already be dark grey and not black.. I can't tell. >.<