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By Sundial_MC
Vikerus wrote:Why not make it in 3dmax?

It's a static object. Might as well make it nice.

It might be nice to have it like... wiggle around sometimes, like shake sideways.

Would eggs be treated as just normal pokemon that you can send out? It's like that in the games, just that you can't send it out for battle. It'd be great to be like that in Pixelmon too, you can send it out, but when you throw it at a Pokemon, it says "Eggs cannot battle" or something like that

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By Hypnose
#20926 I support Sundials ideas all the way~
I agree with the egg shaking here and there and the coloring. The combination of these ideas would just be wonderful. I really hope to see this in game at some point. :mrgreen:
By kungfumidget
#20942 This would be amazing, especially if you didn't just find one by breeding, but if you could find one in the wild.
By Nxtech
#20951 If you would like, I could make a Pokemon egg in 3ds max in about 10 seconds for ya. Just let me know and I'll do it
By SubGenesis
#20966 Three In one idea pack!

It would be really nice if you found an egg in like a dungeon, temple abandoned mine, village, where lightning strikes, ravine or somewhere special or just completely random

I also think that all eggs found in the wild should look identical when first found and then get different colours after reaching a certain stage of maturity, so it's more mysterious when you find one in the wild.
Besides, pokemon are supposed to all have the same origin anyway.

Have some way of affecting the IV's (or possibly even the type) of the Pokemon in the egg so it is not entirely down to chance, such as it is AFFECTED BY WHERE YOU TRAVEL and what Pokemon are battled; I.e. You have an egg that will hatch into happiny and in order to get the best chance of a high defence I.V you travel in a desert or underground a lot since the pokemon there generally have high defence stats or instead maybe you could battle pokemon that give defence ev's all while the egg is in your party.
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By KuryoZT
#20968 I agree with Sub's not knowing what it is at first idea, but the 3rd, seems a bit strange, after all the species inside the egg is decided when it is found, but maybe a way to influence IVs would be cool, but a lot of work to actually implement, and also in-game, you'd have to be carefull where you go while having your egg in your party, that'd be much work too
By SubGenesis
#20970 How about raising the egg in a particular way only has positive effects so it's not an issue if you don't do this; like raising your egg in a desert won't also give it abysmal sp defence IV's, but will just add points to it's original defence IV's when you first get the egg. I still think there should be a small deviation due do chance, like you shouldn't be guaranteed to get a perfect IV of 31 but it will range from like 25 to 31 instead of 0 to 31, so if you raise it well so it's a 1/7 instead of 1/32 chance of a 31 IV if getting 31 really matters (I'm just happy with a high IV)
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By Dark Prinplup
#23864 I was thinking more as when you breed pokemon in between them there would be a egg and you could trow a pokeball at it and take it with you. And then after a certain amount of time(maybe it could be different for every pokemon)the egg would hatch to be a wild pokemon(if its not hatched while its in your party. and maybe after you place the egg there could be a bar ontop of it(similar to a pokemons HP bar)that tells how long tell ot hatches. Also i was thinking that the egg would shake more violently depending on how close it is to hatching. Just a idea.

Maybe it could also be made so it gets closer to hatching while you walk with it. And that if you hatch it while its in your party, Ot would count as it being your pokemon

Another thing i was thinking that if you throw out a egg at a block that it would be like placing a block.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place
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#23929 just going to stop this now, this is modeling feedback, not suggest a feature, if you want to continue make a topic there please
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By KuryoZT
SPG wrote:just going to stop this now, this is modeling feedback, not suggest a feature, if you want to continue make a topic there please

nononono, there is already a topic, please don't make another one, just post it on the other, this is for dark Prinplup.
For eample, this one: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1452