Quality of Each Model

By karrybird
#26628 changing the block width doesn't affect the model in any way other than it won't look like shit in game.

By Ewcongogamer
#26629 Ok, well i'll get that change and my next update I'm planning is after an intial texturing of Entei
By karrybird
#26630 let me show you an example of how this would effect the in game model.

look at this aerodactyl in game, the wings and tail are all on flat blocks

see, look at that awul flickering texture

and look at my archeops (the first one i experimented with the 1 wide textures.)


it looks perfectly normal right? and you can't even tell that they aren't flat blocks.
By Ewcongogamer
#26636 You're right, definitely looks better. Is there anything else you saw with Raikou you thought I could improve? and Did you like how the Entei looked so far outside of that?
By karrybird
#26642 the head looks great on raikou, though the white cloudy thing on the back of it looks a little bit weird with how you modeled it. and i think the purple cloud could be smoother looking as well (it looks too staircasey) this could be easily fixed with slanted blocks. i would also break up the flat colors by adding a touch of noise.

the eyes also still look really weird to me, i don't like that they had to be cut around the corner like that, it makes him look a bit derpy. improved from the first time i've seen this model by far!

i really can't tell for entei as it is now, i would need to see a texture first since it looks heavily texture based.
By karrybird
#26643 actually, for entei i suggest redoing the back legs, they look a little weird. you should make the segments close in size so it flows together and looks more natural. the front legs look fine though.

the neck also looks almost nonexistent. bring the top of it more under the chin (but not completely) so that it looks like it connects and isn't just there.
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By KuryoZT
#26843 Well, since I don't like to repeat what's been said, I'll just say something else.
Could you update the first post? (just quote the last post with the pictures, copy, edit your first post, and ctrl+a/paste, for easily done).
Other than that, entei will need a texture, but the model itself looks good, but what karry said is true.
Good luck on these, you're doing a great job.
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By Sundial_MC
#26964 Also, don't forget, name your model parts

Otherwise than what's mentioned already, it looks great :D
By Ewcongogamer
#27026 The last step for me before approval is going to be naming the parts, I have been grouping them by folders for like "Right front Leg" and etc, and I'll update the first post KuryoZT :)
By Ewcongogamer
#27039 Hey karrybird where were you pointing out the stair steppy part on the Raikou clouds?