Quality of Each Model

By karrybird
#27042 the whole thing looks stairsteppy

By Polifroeg
#27057 Raiko looks awesome but its a bit thin other than that is really good
By Ewcongogamer
#27211 I FINALLY GOT THE EYES!!!! Back to business, I hope that the clouds are not as stair stepy and I added a bit of noise on the last pic :), the one side has a weird shadow from the angle which shouldn't show up like that in minecraft right? Any other suggestions?
By SubGenesis
#27479 Wow! That's really good very big improvement a very good job for such difficult model

I can see now only two flaws with the model

the tail should probably consist of some full square blocks (except the end bit) because otherwise it would look weird when animated, secondly, the thigh of the back leg could be made a little less square, when I covered it up with my finger I realised that it does very little justice to the rest of the model

Edit: just looked at some sprites the tail is in fact flat so never mind

IMPORTANT! Also like how karry goes anal about the use of full black (lol no offence karry) the use of complete whiteness is almost as bad, the White needs to have a very slight shade or colour as this too contrasts with the rest of the model in my opinion
By Ewcongogamer
#27496 It actually isn't white :) its a slight shade of purple :) I'll see if I can play a bit with the back leg I had pretty much taken the exact build of the current in game persian for the base legs.
By Ewcongogamer
#27991 I might change the legs, but I really like where they are, doing a bit of a teaser got the rotation points done on entei and groupings done, so here is my start of the texturing :)

By Ewcongogamer
#28709 Entei is textured, let me know what you guys think :)
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By Sundial_MC
#28712 As I said the legs look great!
Not sure about the back cloud ripple grey thing.. instead of the staircase method, try using rotated blocks to make the slanted look. Give it a go!
By Ewcongogamer
#28714 What part of the clouds do you not like? For me the staircase method was best for the big cloud parts, but I could improve a bit as it gets smaller. Anything else, please people chime in, its got color its got legs, but does it have pizazz? :)