By SkullDraco
#13539 I must say that you've done a great job at modeling Ampharos but I do have 1 issue, I just do not care for the nose. It's too pointed, I know that with Techne it's hard to make it look like the actual nose since everything with Techne is square but I'd like to see a different nose. But that's just my opinion.

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By ST392
#13986 I think the arms are the only thing sticking out to me. They could use more shape. Maybe make them come to more of a point instead of just a big rectangle.
By craftminion
#50172 arms may could be somewhat more round and the nose more pointy but i agree with the fact that the red crystal is a lil to big
By Polifroeg
#50661 I think to fix the face you could just not make the mouths block thinner than the one above it so there would be no line and maybe make the red lights on its tail and head more round
great model tho
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By emerald_ice
#51178 Grr. Why isn't this in-game? I'd love to have an Ampharos on my team- Especially this one, due to it's great model.
But yea, I agree with some others. The noise looks a bit too pointy, Ampharos isn't the Toucan pokemon :P
By Lettucecow
#51239 I think its cute :D
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By Kmerr
#57196 I know a way to improve this. At the bottom of the mouth, add like 2 square layers, the first will be wider than the top. This should give the mouth some more shape.
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#58689 this looks amazing i wouldnt change it no madder what keep up the good work :D
By karrybird
Doddsey wrote:Why isnt this in the mod yet!?!

because it's hideous.