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By darksideJr
#26533 I made both Wailmer and Wailord but I don't know how to texture them. Is the texture map supposed to be really small? I cant see what block I'd be texturing. What I need are lines that run along their bodies like the pictures original artwork shows. If any one can help me with this I'd appreciate that.


Ok I updated these, its been so long because I have been working on my mewtwo and waiting for approval, but I have to wait till someone else finishes theirs so we can vote on them fairly.

anyways, Wailmer, I changed the fins to a more simpler design and changed the color of his body, also I gave him the anime eyes.


I'm having serious trouble getting the texture to look good, I cant tell where to put the lines on the PNG image so that it will appear on all the faces of the cube I need them to.

Here is the Texture map if you have any suggestions on where I should arrange it let me know.


Now Wailord I made taller in the height area and moved the fins up so that they touch the blue half.


Again Im having trouble with the lines, I drew them on where I need them and if anyone knows how I can go about this let me know.

Here is the texture map


By Ewcongogamer
#26545 Wailmer color pallet needs to change a bit, and I would suggest looking at the HD texturing to add ALOT to your details, especially on Wailmer to had the teeth. The top fin on the back of wailord looks wrong.... should just be a point according to the pic you provided.

Edit: Here is the good topic about how to do the HD texturing:
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By ilovepokemon
#26574 i do like that wailord model, but the bottom of it's mouth need to have the lines like in the artwork and the back needs the big spikes as well and it needs an HD texture
By Jumpyporcupine
#26692 Hmm wailmers fins are wrong. This is a good start though!
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By Hypnose
#26695 [Edit]
First off, great start. I love how you used Xous54's Wailord as your reference picture.~ I love them so far and you are doing a wonderful job.
Now, down to business. As said before Wailmer's colors are off. Dull it down a bit. His underside should be a sandy yellow color not grey. You are also missing the lines on his bottom half as well. Last thing I notice for Wailmer is his fins. The way you made them looks a bit like large finger pressing against each other. Maybe, try not to make it look like they have a point and draw lines on them?
Not much I can say for Wailord. It looks good, I have a few nit picks but I don't really have the time right now. Maybe later :)
By lugiaisbeast101
#26727 Well I have enough time to say that Wailord's fins should be higher based on the picture. 8-)
By The_BatKing
#39133 My Opinion I Like Wailmer, Wailord Just Needs Better Eyes & It Also Needs To Be Much Bigger Cause hes gonna take up 25% of the ocean
By SubGenesis
#39263 Wailer looks a little too dark in colour and wailord needs better eyes are the only problems that I see, well done!