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By Tom_X
Xiro wrote:Hmmm... it appears I need to learn more.

Here you go, a tutorial by Jurro: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=141

By ZStoneheart
#5391 Can't wait til Torchic is added :3 Been my fave starter since I played Ruby the first time, awesome job :D
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#5414 So cute Torchic! <3 Why can't you add it?
By Skibb
MrMasochism wrote:We will not be adding any more starters till we have finished gen 1. It's the only way that gen 1 will ever get finished off. So all I can suggest is to keep trying those gen 1 pokemon. There aren't many left
By Yaseen
#9625 You upload them to an image hosting site eg imgur then copy the direct link that it gives and when making a post type this ["img"]Paste direct link here["/img"] and the picture should appear once u have posted it without the "
By Mundus
#11957 Looks really nice. I would suggest adding another block 1x1 less in height and length, and jutting it out a little. It would make it look more elliptical. I also have a suggestion for the mouth, and that is to take a thin flat block an staircase up from that, then texture the bottom part of the mouth. I've attached a painstakingly drawn image to help you visualize my thoughts. Best of luck.
By dakoda14
#56187 I like this Torchic the most.
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By ryancpexpert
#56222 Karry this is a Great model. Torchic is my favorite Pokemon.