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By Hypnose
Omerta wrote:I can almost guarantee that it is Techne causing those gaps. It should look fine in game, and it's necessary because the tail is segmented to allow for better animation. Great job again, karry.

I figured that if it was a Techne caused texture issue, that it'd be fine in game. Thank you for the reassurance though.~ :)

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By KuryoZT
karrybird wrote:that is how i have it, one on the back, two on the front :)
but thank you!

and yes, i'll make glaceon next :)

karrybird wrote:and yes, i'll make glaceon next :)

karrybird wrote:i'll make glaceon next

YEEESSSS, that just made my day, thanks karry, I'll be impatient to see that one, and since this one is just about done, YES, love you karry, make it good, I know you will!
By Windjoe
#23170 I love this model, Eevee is really awesome and this evolution looks great!
By PixelNerd2002
#23174 Karry you are the BEST
By PixelNerd2002
#23175 and i mean THE BEST
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By lzo314
#23398 I have to ask would it be possible to cut out small portions of the leaf near the base of the tail like in Chaoticintake's picture. Besides that i love this model and cant wait to add it to my little family of eeveelutions.
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By Tom_X
#23757 I love this, it's really good. Can't wait for Glaceon!
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By vampkitty
#23916 i love the model but might just be me but the eyes seem a few shades ? to light lol aside from that i so cant wait till its in game <3
By Jumpyporcupine
#24122 Mmm dat tail