By Karbuncle
#2340 Got halfway through Modeling a Glaceon, Almost Finished her left half, had a little modefying on the tail to do... Thats about it though.

Then i realized I'd never be able to Animate it well.

So, I have a Half Finished Glaceon Model if anyone with skill or Know-how wants to finish it, Take the credit/glory.

Glaceon was always my favorite pokemon, So i really wanted to finish it ;x.


Though considering i built it without a thought to Motion, I imagine it might be a useless model as it would be too erratic to properly animate... Oh wells -.-

Edit: Also, I know Glaceon is a few generations out of Focus right now, but we've got most of the Eeveelutions set up.. Figured it can't hurt.

Edit: I've found a few Tutorials, Videos, and such, But if anyone has some suggestions...

By Skibb
#2349 Can you post some bigger pics of it ? And different angles too maybe ? Thanks . Also , you dont have to animate it yourself . But i could take it over if you want :)
By Karbuncle
#2386 I have a hard time doing the fine details.. Eyes, Etc. Do you guys just do the fine details in something like Photoshop or MSPaint (I.E Export the file, Draw in the Details, Then save it back.. thus being able to detail it?)

Here's a few more pictures. In the first picture, You'll notice he's standing higher.. Well, Thats how its suppose to be now, One of the buttons i pushed while Taking the pictures lowered its image (pieces are in the right place though), So its still the same height as the first pic.


(P.s the two things above her head are actually the pieces to the right leg i was working on, Didnt move them in place yet)

... If i don't have to Animate it, I can finish off the model itself, and have someone with Photoshop/Whatever do the Detailing (Since i dont own photoshop). Would be nice ;x

Edit: Hope the pictures are all showing up for you, Mines only loading 1.

As you can see she's still missing

1) Right Feet.
2) Filling in the Ears
3) Finer Color Details (Eyes, etc)
4) The "hood" around her face.
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By ryik
#10131 Um... Glaceon's tail is flat horizontally. Like a Sylveon ribbon or a tie.

Aside from that and the things you mentioned, it looks nice though. Perhaps a flatter face? (smaller nose that doesn't stick out as much)
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By Zariu
#10181 you don't have to animate it yourself, and if you can find someone willing to do the texturing(shouldn't be that hard to find someone willing to for such a nice model) it should be fine. So go ahead and finish it. If you do want to try doing the texture yourself I would suggest, free and works well.