By Mundus
#10875 The reason it looks this way is because you can't see it inside of the semi-transparent shells. I assumed the core would be visible in game, but to show you his cute face, I had to pull him out.

By Mundus
Jack_Attack12 wrote:Hd texture, its not gen 1, and a bit too blocky with the face.

It's in this folder because it is not Gen. 1
By Mundus
#10890 I don't really want to do any Gen 1. I might redo Mewtwo, but that's really all I care to do. My second model was a trainer from Gen 1 if that counts :D
By Mundus
Jack_Attack12 wrote:Trainers are fine, but either gen 1 or nothing cuz we need gen 1 finished.

Hahaha, okay boss.
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jamiekinz144 wrote:It doesn't really matter if its not G1

actually yes it does, the rule is that you can only have 1 non gen 1 pokemon, anything further from that is against the rules, do anymore from this point on and your topic will get deleted and you shall receive a warning, so please stop.
By Mundus
#10913 Do karry's not count because they're a re-texturing and not a fully made model?