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By Hypnose
#25646 Sorry I forgot to give my input on this model.. >.<
Anyhow, I agree with Dutch and Kuryo the fourhead just looks off.. Other than that however, I have no complaints. The rest looks absolutely wonderful.~

By shadowolf96236
#25668 love it a few things i can see though is the thing on its head is big (which has been said) and also the head itself looks a little off to me, perhaps shorten the block itself a tad? or maybe adding a slight slant to the forehead to give it more of a fox shape
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By Edeodin
#25678 Overall awesome model as usual, though something about the head is too 'tall'. For starters, the "eyebrows" are more in between Zorua's eyes in the artwork, and the game sprites have the bottom of the brow still line up with the top of the colouring above the eyes.

I think with the tuft of hair on top if you brought some of that red down into those big grey blocks it would help a lot. The tuft should be about half-and-half of both colours, but the grey is just outweighing the red right now.

I also feel like the head blocks themselves are too tall, but I can already tell from the back view that shortening it would be a pain in the butt because of his fluffy collar.
By Xwaffle
Jack_Attack12 wrote:And why not remake some pokemon?

PLEASE KARRY, we need some remakes with better textures.
By Chaos Phoenix
#25727 Okay, so right now I want to do a little jig, because you actually made this beautiful pokemon, though they are right about the hair curl, its a tad big but other than that I would catch this and have it following me always!


So Braviary right, also I wanna suggest more gen 5 but yeah there are so many pokes that need remodelling that would look awesome, personally im not a fan of pikachu and his/her standing up model, and prefer him/her on all fours, like he is running. that would look awesome. But the one poke i cannot wait to see you do (hopefully) is.... dun dun dunnnn.... Meloetta, Aria Forme or Shaymin sky forme :D

(sorry had to be said even if they arent gen 1)
By Articuno437
#25748 Really good! The only thing that bothers me is the red tuft on top of it's head... and the gray blocks below it...
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By Tom_X
#25968 This is outstanding, it looks like it's got a lot of class... but I'm sad you won't be making any more gen 1 Pokemon, or Gen 2, it'd really help the mod if you finished the 15 pokes left as fast as you make these models :)
By karrybird
#25988 the ones left are awful pokemon, i hate them with every shred of my being.
and the majority of them are being modeled/have plans to be modeled by certain people.

but i will get to remaking some, i think growlithe/arcanine may be the worst looking in the whole mod, they desperately need a makeover.

but how's this for a puffy thingy?
By The_BatKing
#25995 Awesome Great Work Karrybird

BTW Ur an Awesome moddeller i hope u keep going :)