By zitroz
#29139 So I made this today as my first model ever in Techne, I realized I probably should've worked with a bigger texture when it was done but what ever..

By Ewcongogamer
#29145 I would make him a little bit fatter at the bottom of the body and try making the texture more HD. My last tip would be to use just one side of the block texture on the top "horns?" to make them look better then just blocks.
By karrybird
#29254 you've got a great start! an interesting pick for a first model i must say ;)

the one problem i'm really seeing is that this needs an hd texture desperately. and perhaps make the bag ties at the top a texture block. you could also widen the arms a little, they're a bit too flat. other than that, i really like it and i never thought anyone would ever make this pokemon!
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By Sundial_MC
#29284 Woah, this sure is great for a first model! As stated previously you can make this HD, can't you :3
I can't wait till the texture is finished..
By starscream1333
#35558 This looks great for a first model and i love how it's coming out but the one thing that's bothering me is the arms. If you look at this picture you can see the arms aren't flat but have some more volume to them, so if you fix that i think this model would be perfect ^_^ Great job on it so far!
By Lettucecow
#45842 Great start! I didn't think anyone is the history of this forum would ever got this pokemon modeled!