By Stutterfoot
#8014 We are an adventure server with a multiplayer Pixelmon online experience! There is no building, just Pixelmon!


IP Adress:
Pixelmon: 2.0.3
Server Type: BukkitForge
Gamemode: Adventure
Player Limit: 50
Whitelist: Off

Our TeamSpeak Server:

Official Forums:

Snowflake is back and better than ever!
We have been building for the last couple months and our proud to present two brand new areas!
An Island with an under the sea-lab gym and a Big City with a DARK secret POISONING it's sewers.

We have also found BukkitForge to be quite useful in restoring our server to it's original Adventure-Mode glory!
Visit our server and/or forums, and introduce yourself!

Opening in two weeks time...
A fully functional CASINO with exclusive rare items to be won!
A POKEMALL with an extensive selection sure to meet any trainer's needs!

Our Server Features:

- Catch, Battle and Trade Pokemon!
- NPC Shops! Sell drops you receive from wild pokemon and buy items!
- An unique, original WIP map
- Breathtaking gyms, towns, interesting routes and areas!
- Amazing community and staff!
- Become a Gym Leader!
- Participate in Tournaments!



Gyms of Our Region:

First Gym (NORMAL)
First Badge

Volcano Gym (FIRE)
Volcano Badge

Treetop Gym (GRASS)
Treetop Badge

Sealab Gym (Water)
Sealab Badge

Toxic Badge

Spooky Badge

Dragonfly Badge

Mystery Badge

About Our Gym System:

A gym leader is a player who tests the skills of players and hands out badges to victors.
A Leader of the first 4 gyms must use 4 of his gym's type, the rest can be any type that is not strong against the main type.
A leader of the last 4 gyms may only use pokemon that have one of his gyms types, and must have at least two of each.

Many people want to be the leader of a gym.
On our server, a gym can have up to 3 people who are part of it.
There are three ranks, GL is the leader, and 1 and 2 are the trainers.
If a gym trainer is online, they may stop you from reaching the gym leader by challenging and defeating you.
If the Gym Leader is inactive for a period, trainers may fill in for them.

A gym trainer can increase his rank in the gym by defeating the person above him, who they may challenge once per day.


Please apply to be a builder on our forums, not here or on server.

Snowflake Village: Complete
Tunnel Bridge: Complete
Pixel Plains Town: Complete
Normal Gym: Complete
The Sticks: Complete
Volcano Town: Complete
Volcano Fire Gym: Complete
Treetop Route: Complete
Treetop Town/Gym: Complete
Treetop/Island Boat: Complete
Island Town: Complete
Sealab Gym: Complete
Island/City Boat: Complete
City: 85%
Sewers Gym: Complete

We need:

- Desert Labyrinth
- Pyramids in the desert
- Pyramid Gym
- Ascending Sky route leading to sky city from pyramid.
- Sky city/GYM
- And More!

PLEASE READ SERVER RULES - located in log cabin in spawn town.



P.S. If you have concerns or questions about the server, or plan on checking it out, please comment below! We could use the exposure!

By SsupDawg
#8019 This server has a wonderful community, great buildings, amazing Owners/Administrators/Mods that are very friendly, a HUGE world full of wonders and builds, and is overall, one of THE BEST servers you'll find running pixelmon.
By matthesen94
#8020 i LOVE this server! i have spent many weeks searching, crying, sweating over a good pixelmon Adventure map or server, to no avail. but these guys, they got it right. a great world, very kind and helpful moderators, a GREAT currency system, and very creative development. Anybody who enjoys pokemon or adventure servers should give this one a go. 5/5 poke-nerds. :geek: :geek: :geek: :geek: :geek:
By siya12
#8021 This server has best community all the admins are nice and will make u laugh till u break o.o
people who helped build this server worked their very hardest to make this server come alive everyone should come on and enjoy this servers awsomeness with our favorite owner Stutterfoot <3