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By Datmusic
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So where do I start? O this is the best server EVER. Really? Well, thats up to you to decide. We are a friendly server that will make sure to take good care of you. We have set gyms so you can fight each gym leader and then go onto the Elite Four.
For a shop we have /shop (consisting of vanilla items and sell pokedrops) and then we have a /warp pokemart consisting of pokeballs etc.


Some More Info:


We are a pixelmon server that runs completely off donations

We have gyms, Elite four, Self-made gyms, VIPslots, MiniGames, PixelArenas, and many other things

Some events we have are Fossil Find, Legendary Scope, Shiny Palaza, and many other fun things

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Pmc: ... g-2433010/
Donation Page: (Located on the Site)


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By Animalol
#115758 Datmusic,

please do not post multiple times in a row, as that is against the forum rules. If you wish to update your server, please do so in the main post.



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