By buddy18181
#93795 Hello I ask u all to come join The server Fire and Ice. We have a youtube channel Fire and Ice where we have started season 2 of Pixelmon and we would love for u to join.

We have gyms, the elite 4 and all legionaries do spawn

The owners and staff are very nice and the server is not whitelisted unless for maintenance and we r open to skype unless we r busy but we r most of the time not

so plz join and be sure to donate for the srever is u like it to keep it up



it may say the server is down on the site but it fully up and running

By buddy18181
#99459 this is just an update we will be changing to craftnodes soon so once the new ip is out i will post it but for now the ip is the same and here is the second ip if the first one does not work

we now have a new ip but it is still not craftnodes yet but we will go to them soon when the owner sno gets a new computer but for now here is the ip to use: