By Mystikilla
#94052 Blushell has re-opened its new 1.6.4 pristine Pixelmon server. Our Pixelmon server is on a new map, open build server. Battle pixelmon, train and build structures. No Minecraft monsters to get in your Pixelmon training way. Custom recipes for the CHoice items, EXP machines.


We have a fair pixelmon restoration system. Pixelmon save backups twice a week to restore pixelmon lost through glitches. We use a document or restore feature so that people cant ask to get those ultra-rare pixelmon.

Legendary Spawn rate = 1/8192

We use Grief Prevention to prevent nasty griefers along with Hawkeye and Lockette. Build towns and bases without the fear of having some nob destroy your stuff. Have a problem? Visit our forums at to get help from one of our Founders, or raise an in-game admin.

Want to support our server, we have a donation system with small pers for those who help keep our server running.

Server Rules are pretty easy:
General Rules:
1. No Griefing
2. Dont cause trouble for staff
3. Just be nice people

Pixelmon Rules:
1. Ask before initiating a battle, no random battling
2. No exploiting the mod/cheating
3. No begging admins to spawn you in Pokemon

This is meant as a laid back server, where you can relieve that stress and have some non-block damaging competitive battles with Pixelmon!

Mods We use in conjunction with pixelmon:
Custom NPCs 1.6.2