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By WobMinerJames
#10054 Juan was banned for being an immature player as a whole.
Rude, abusive to others that try to help him, then topped it off by insulting myself and someone blatantly younger than himself.
If anything, the review shows how easily unwanted players are banned!
- So come on and join, we have a friendly server currently, and it will stay that way! :D
By GrauWolf
#10249 Juan for the most part has it wrong. This server is a good server ( though its not 24/7 )
The players are and will be players ( some times rude and abrasive ) and the server has a good foundation.
WobminerJames can be a little more... receptive and not such a bully as Juan so uncouthly stated, but this is his server and you don't lose any thing if you are killed. So all in all I would give this server a 7 of 10, and recommend this server. I do so enjoy this server, I just wish it would be on later in the night so I could play and not have to find another server to go to.
By Terramort
#11444 IGN: Terramort
Favorite Pokemon: Gardevoir

Other then that, I read this server is not 24/7 - will someone please tell me it is? I've been looking for a server for quite sometime, but have a shifting job schedule, so non 24/7 just doesn't work for me.