By Xazumi
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We are a friendly community who welcome everyone here to build, chat and have some fun! We are a dedicated server for Pixelmon! We have a great staff on our team ready to help out whenever anyone has an issue, we're only missing you! The players are what make the servers shine and we're striving just for that, a playerbase of friendly people helping everyone else! Join today~
We currently run a [2.5.7] version of Pixelmon.
Rules of Pokemon Universe

No Griefing
No Cursing
No harassing players.
Keep it PG-13
Most people are in character use [ ] or { } when out of character.
We are a roleplay server, if you are hoping to roleplay please try to type literate~
Do not harass our Gym Leaders / Mods for anything other than grief issues or harassment.
Do not build near spawn or near the Gym Cities, if so they will be removed.
You can protect your land with a Golden Shovel by right clicking a block then going to where you wish to finish your land and right click. Use /trust to add friends to your claim!
Lastly, have fun! That is the purpose of our server, we will always be updating to the latest Pixelmon mod!

Gym Rules

You must show the Gym Leader your previous badges
You may only use the level that the gym is in range in, example the first gym is level 25-30 you must have Pokemon in that range for a fair fight.
If you lose a Gym battle you may not refight that gym until the next day.
All 8 badges are required for the Elite 4 and shown to them.

Here is a list of the things needed to play.

You MUST install the latest Forge build here:
Mr.Crayfish Furniture Mod: ... as-update/

By Mizuko
#95976 A brief review, if I may ^^

- Community: Pokemon Universe is a wonderful server, which has a friendly and growing community. It contains active staff and wonderful players. Everyone is willing to help others, whether it's to show new players how to make pokeballs, or to find a certain pokemon one has been after. Everyone has their own persona and special way of making Pokemon Universe unique.

-Staff: The server staff members are frequently on and are always willing to lend a hand if needed, or even join a roleplay or two c:

-Owners: The owners, Kazumi and Katsuro, are on frequently, and are experienced with running servers and staff

-Server: The server itself saves to a disk frequently, and rarely lags and doesn't randomly shut down unless forced to by the console

Overall, Pokemon Universe is a well run server with a lovely and expanding community, capable/up to it staff, and wonderful owners.
Enjoy your time on Pokemon Universe! ^^
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By Animalol
#96168 For a Server to be in Server Listing, it must show the IP of the Server. Please get the IP on here as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!