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#119248 Ewery1, please do not multi-post or make useless bump posts, as that is against the forum rules. Removed the bump posts.


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#119312 Oh okay, sorry sorry sorry. We are having an event this Sunday at 2pmEST, and also I just added this to the main post:

Here is an example of one the events you have to look forwards to (This is an event summary taken right from the website.):

EVENT SUMMARY GUYS! This one was long, lasting from 1-3:20. It started an hour early:

A group of people was in the Pokemon Center in Dragonscale, when Virgis's Pokeball opened up, with a Salamence he had just retrieved from his PC coming out. The electricity started going wacky, and the Salamence attacked the group of people. It ended up knocking out Nicholas and Virgis, however it was defeated.

Suddenly started to get very stormy, and a dark large dog-like figure could be seen in the distance. Lightning started striking everywhere, and another dog like creature appeared. The weather started going very wacky, turning from a cloudless sky to a dark and stormy sky in the matter of seconds. The weather kept on changing as the two dogs battled, fire and lightning going everywhere. As the dogs neared, lightning and fire started striking the Pokemon Center of Dragonscale, forcing the people out. One dog could be recognized as Raikou, the other had never been seen before.

The large amounts of lightning attracted Zapdos, who got struck by an errant flamethrower, and with Raikou overpowered the firey dog, fainting it. Zapdos flew off. Raikou set its sight on the humans, and chased after them. They ended up going into the dip below Dragonscale, and there Raikou caused most of the humans to pass out with electricity, although Cresselia came through Virgis and defeated Raikou. Before he was defeated, he called on Zekrom with a wild howl. At the noise the firey dog ran away.

Zekrom appeared and attacked the humans, at which point Wally and Spectr appeared, both helping to drive it away. The blackness came back, and enveloped them, while Virgis told Arin to go build a large Porygon maker. With the help of Wally in Spectr's form, Spectr dispersed the darkness, and they ran to the science center of Dragonscale. Everyone got in the large 'Porygon maker' and A an unown made a Porygon illusion. A mysterious force then teleported them into the computer board.

The force was revealed to be Rotom who works for Raikou, who works for Giratina. Rotom is not legendary, although by killing the humans he thought Raikou would promote him. Rotom attacked them with lightning and a bunch of Porygons of all evolutions came out. Arin and Virgis that that's where all of the Porygon they had made had disappeared off to. The Porygons attacked everyone with Hyper Beams. People tried to send out their Pokemon, but no Pokemon had travelled with them.

Rotom had been revealed to be messing with the power and the one corrupting their Pokemon. As the Porygons failed, Rotom got impatient, and decided to edit their code. First Nicholas was given four arms, his normal ones taken away, A was turned into a Rattata, Eli was turned into jello, and many other disasters happened to people. People started dying, and Virgis pleaded one last time to a Porygon before he died. The Porygon sent a Hyper Beam at the top of Rotom, which sent an electrical shock through the system that reverted everyone to their orginial state.

The Porygons attacked Rotom, killing him as Virgis revealed he had programed emotion into them as well. A bunch of Porygons were given to people once they arrived back in the normal world, but the troubles were not over.

Raikou was at the door, and attacked people. A bunch of people flew around sending attacks down on it, but it leapt on top of Arin and Zephyr, sending them careening down to the bottom of the ground. An intense battle at close quarters happened, as Raikou could not use electric type moves due to Zephyr's typing. Raikou Slashed and Zephyr sent a Judgement right into Raikou's face, but it hung on with a tiny bit of life. It howled into the air, and Nicholas and Ferrum grabbed on in the last second before a black portal engulfed all six. The portal disappeared.

A few seconds later Arin, Nicholas, and Ferrum were spit out of a black portal that had opened, completely unconscious. The portal disappeared. Another portal opened and Zephyr fell out, also unconscious.