By SwagThe7th
#97183 PlayPixelmonMC is one of the few pixelmon hub servers. We offer the following pixelmon servers. Pixelmon Survival, Pixelmon Adventure and Elite Pixelmon Island.

Pixelmon Adventure: Travel the Kanto region with your friends as you capture the best pokemon and fight the strongest Gyms. The goal of this server is to battle all the gym leaders, beat the elite four and compete in weekly tournaments for amazing prizes. Keep inventory is on and legendaries are turned on.

Pixelmon Survival: Not a fan of the adventure server? Want to break blocks and survive with your pokemon? The Pixelmon Survival is the server for you! Keep inventory is on as well as legendaries. You can build the best structures with your friends with the claiming block system.

Elite Pixelmon Island: This server runs the popular pixelmon map with an edited database! All pokemon spawn in this server as also, fossil pixelmon. For example, one may go out of spawn and see a pack of Glaceons, Nidoqueens, Mewtwo's etc. Items are difficult to get to prevent an extremely overpowered team.

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