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By cowiejr
#99817 server will open on the same day as the release of pixelmon for 1.7.2


On the opening day of the server there will be a tournament held using rental pokemon. The top prize will be a lvl14 pikachu with the move surf. A full list of prizes and available pokemon will be available in game.

All player housing shall be decided on the first day, if you want a house in a town of your choice (there are like 3 player houses in cerulean, get on quick for those) Additional space(A player village, poke-tech academy and team rockets base) Will open when needed.

The first five players to log in will get treated to a rival battle vs one of the owners at prof oaks lab with a very appetizing prize available.

There will be a soft reset of pokemon after the tournament concludes, player are asked to relog and reselect their starter. There are no further soft resets planned. Prizes for things such as the rival battle, and the tournament will be handed out after this reset.

Server features

Gyms can be cleared in any order the player chooses. the strength of the pokemon used by the gym leaders will scale with the number of badges you posess. this means that players can take on the viridian city gym as soon as they pass route 1 and get an easy badge, however the pewter gym would therefore be harder to defeat.

Johto is still to be constructed and route 28 is off limits. I'm sure players will still find a great many things to do throughout kanto during the delay.

C4RD1N4L, awaits end game players who wish to battle with not only others but with the server itself.

At a later date players will be able to get a title they can equip to show their feats off to other players.

Regular tournaments will be held.

elite four are mobile, you need to find the elite four whilst wearing an appropriate helmet, given after collecting all badges to challenge them.

By PhantomArcadian
#101806 IGN: BluntForce_69 ( Immature I know I'm getting it changed to match everything else I have ThePhantomArcadian)
Pokemon Knowledge: 10 ( no joke I have absolutaly no life what so ever)
I would want to be a steel type gym leader
Age: 14
As much as i can
By Nathiran
#102503 Time I play daily:1-2-3-4 hours can vary every day usually at least an hour.
Time Zone:right now im 1 hour behind eastern US
My favourite types of pokemon is fire and dragon. I like Charmander and its next evolutions.
I have played pokemon red, yellow, gold, pearl, heart gold, black and I know quite a bit about pokemon from the games, the show, and cards.
I have played minecraft since version 1.0.
I dont have pictures of things ive built because my pc is not available at the moment. I am on a laptop where I did do some minecraft before but no big builds.
If you want pictures I can quickly build something on minecraft of things ive built on the pc or some other build that im thinking about building.