By MrHotFire
#112143 Derpmon is a fun loving server that enjoys to just have a few laughs.

We have gyms, an economy, server shop, auction plugin, griefprevention (golden shovel claiming), good voting rewards, and a highly mature group of staff members.



Weekly drop parties where we drop 5 masterballs 20 rare candies and one random shiny pokemon.

We are currently building a town for each gym where players can live aswell.
By redalert380
#112572 Adding in johto league gyms as well Hoenn. we now need around 16 more gym leaders to come join our ranks! Come play derpmon and if you wish to apply for a gym position apply here
By Inzley32
#113260 Derpmon is an amazing server. It has great stuff and tons of things to do. With over 3 regions of gym leaders there are still many gym that you can apply for to become a gym leader. The staff is fun and dedicated and everyone else on the server is great.It's hard to get bored on this server.