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By Famedfuzzball23
#101736 Information about the server!
Hello there, welcome to PixelMoniac's viewing page, on this server you'll encounter tons of new people, have exciting journeys,
and even have your own rival :) Cause I will find you and I will RIVAL you!! :) we also have 16 gyms, tournaments, 19 towns, daily events and a lot more!
The server has no whitelist, No abusive staff, AND no disrespectful players! (So far) And the staff are caring and lovable people, and most of us are mature 14+ o-o

You might crash the first time you join,
but no worries you won't crash the
second time around!

Ip and extra information you need to know!
Website url-
On the website you'll be able to connect with our small growing Community!
There you can let us know if anyone is being rude to you, Pokémon are missing, glitches that you've found
to get on-top of the map, Talk to people that are from the server such as me famedfuzzball23 The owner TheHeroNL
the co-owners L3roy, Sten_aap and jordyforthewin (Admin I think)

And time for my favorite part! PICTURES!

This server advertise is brought to you by my lord and savior Kyogre Gif below