By shadowspawner48
#103186 Hello pixelmon fans. It's me shadowspawner here to tell you about a newish server called ProPixelMC. We are a peaceful server with many special feature including:
1.only Kanto region right now, but plan on making the rest. The game regions are no build, no break
2.will soon be adding a survival world where you can build houses
3.challenges will soon be happening where you can compete in parkour or tournaments for money, masterballs, or pokemon legendaries birds being $15(USD) and ranks as low as $5.50(USD)
5.keep inventories so you don't loose anything
6.factions will soon be added to show off your team skills
7.worldguards to protect your builds
8.economy to buy and sell
9.lwc to lock chests
10.almost doe with all 7 islands, but them and other popular structures like the power plant, and Mt.Moon are going to be added
11.gyms soon to be co-run with trainers, and players
12.flying to get around easier
13.may be adding bikes, but currently not sure
14.battle arenas for your serious battles
15and much more!!!!!!
So come join us if you want to have a fun time. Due to no donations so far we need all the support we can get, and we hope to get youtube advertising soon so keep playing, and as always have fun!!!!!! IP:

(This is a 1.6.4 pixelmon server running pixelmon version 2.7.5)