By ScythingScyther
#103462 *Attention* I am not the owner of the server

This server is just starting, so it would be GREAT if you could come on down and check it out. So far, nothing much has been built, so if you're good at building and like new servers you should join and build some villages! This server is a simple survival server currently and no towns have been built yet. If you work hard, you might get promoted, although since we have just started we will have to work out the ranks and such before much of that can happen. We are looking for staff a little, and if you join and want to become staff just ask Zulpp or Dark_Umbreon what to do. Come on down right now!!!

*also if you crash on first time joining, join again. That's just a bug.* :| :|

By 1Charak2
#103472 actually u crash on first time due to the starter kits... but nvm imma check this server out
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By Animalol
#103882 Deleted your second server thread. Multiple threads of the same topic are not allowed.