By NiliusJulius
#104635 [center]PixelQuest Server (1.6.4)


If you join the server for the first time you might get disconnected. Just login again and everything will work fine.

This is a new starting server. Currently we have a small starter town and one larger town. The large town is still empty and will be filled by players building there.

Custom NPCs is installed on this server so we will be adding quests (as soon as pixelmon 3.0 is here). We have traders who trade the drops you get from pokemon for coins and these coins can be sold for money.

Which mods to install?:
Pixelmon 2.5.7 for minecraft 1.6.4
Custom NPCs for minecraft 1.6.4

Installed Plugins:
Type /help to find out how the plugins work.

How to start:

You spawn here:

Visit the dragon to take you to the other city Kyralis

Buy a plot in Kyralis to start building on protected land. Plots are sized 16x16
Only things built in towns are protected against grievers!!

Make enough money to create your own city. Contact an admin to add it to the teleport list if you wish.

To make sure the server has a good start, if you have multiple people you play with on this server, contact an admin and we might give you a free city.

Staff needed:
If you want to apply for a staff position please state the following:
- Ingame name
- Where you are from
- How old you are
- How many hours a day you are online
- Any experience
Applying here is not all that is required, just start playing on the server and if you are active and friendly it will benefit you greatly.[/center]

By BHockey
#107224 If you want to apply for a staff position please state the following: Admin
- Where you are from: United States
- How old you are: 15
- How many hours a day you are online: range from 3-7 on weekend and weekdays 2-3 hours
- Any experience no but i would like to start i have played on the server for a few days now
By 1Charak2
#107225 What posistion u applying for "admin i guess i just want to help the server as much as i can"
- Where you are from England
- How old you are 13 -_-
- How many hours a day you are online U know me Nilius im on alot
- Any experience Been building Stuff fro the server for a while now
and i have been op on a couple of servers before they went offline