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By Jack_Attack12
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Always wanted to relive the pokemon games in Minecraft?
Well this is your chance!

Explore the Kanto and Johto region alone or with your friends! Battle Gymleaders, trainers and wild pokemon in this unique environment. Participate in events and become the best Pixelmon trainer on the server!

We are still working on new regions the Hoenn region is currently in development. Also a minigames and a survival server are in progress!
We hope to see you on our server and have a great time!

Gym Leaders
1st Smoggy__ and gamerdryden
2nd Corthered and Frailraggo
3rd Werenka
4th The_Starman
5th Super22
6th Pethino123
7th Mindphoque
8th Saintrow2x

Looking for Gym leaders!~~~~~

Contact us on out Website!

Aswell as
Hope to see you there!
shadoowner, MrDiver!
and the PixelGens Crew!

By S_Kunai
#108943 I just joined recently. The gym leaders are online quite often as far as I could tell. There is a great staff and a great community. No lag at all. Can't wait to keep playing and I would recommend this server to others in a heartbeat.