By fleetyfleet
#108568 The last month or so i have been working on developing a website for listing pixelmon servers. I have invested a lot of time into making the site its sill in a early beta and i know not every one will love it but that's why im here i want some input on how i could improve it features people would like to see etc.
we have 24hr vote system with votifier

Add your server if you want.
Server with most votes by the end of the month will get a free ad slot.

Some things i would like to add.

Server verification -A way to verify that its pixelmon this is kinda a tough one.
Server search - plan on adding a search
Some sort of ranking besides votes
Maybe a descriptive page.

As of now most server ping offline that's just do to me having my script set up for pinging newer minecraft versions
i did this so when 3.0 is release it will work

Any input on features you would like to see is appreciated.