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By EvilDusk
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❂ Obscuros Pixelmon ❂


Our goal is to give you an enjoyable and memorable experience. We want to hear any suggestions you have, they might just be taken in account. Feel free to ask anything to our dedicated staff and we hope you guys enjoy the real pixelmon experience!

Some of the many things we offer:

-Great community!
-Freedom to build
-Grief protection
-Player Shops
-Celadon Game Corner
-Player Gym Leaders
-Hunger Games
-Sand Castle and The Mine (resources)

and -Special support for every rank.




Jr. Trainer: You start as Jr. Trainer you will have access to nearly everything, you can get nice extra perks as you keep playing and ranking up.

Trainer: To become a trainer make a request after being a Jr. Trainer for a week and having at least 2 badges, or manually buy the rank in-game. You will earn access to the Trainer's Mine and more.

Ranger- Team Rocket - Team Aqua - Team Magma - Team Galactic - Team Plasma: You can rank up with in-game money to these ranks.

Donor Ranks: These are special ranks that you get by donating to the server, each rank will grant you different and unique things! Find out more about donating here.

If you want to support the server you may visit our fair donation store

Gym Leaders:Challenge them in-game win badges & TMs

Staff members have either cyan or teal names.


1. Respect the server and everyone in it
2. Do not ask for things you know you won't receive
3. No excess use of caps
4. Do not use swear/curse/offensive words
5. Do not advertise in public chat

In summary, act your age and be mature


Hope to see you all soon!

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By Aichu
#109715 Yeah, the server is awesome , just with the banner , there is the old model blastoise with a rayquaza? :D and arcanine/growlithle looks super weird.