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By Kamkari
#110275 Welcome to the (BETA) world of Pixelmon! This beautiful region consists of an ever expanding archipelago of islands commonly referred to as the ~Sierre Region~.
Ranging from tropical rainforests to icy mountains, the inhabitants of this region are a kind and hardy people who have settled in a large range of climates.
As an up and coming Pixelmon trainer it will be your challenge to collect the 8 badges required to take on ~The Pinnacle~, a group of elite trainers who make
their home at the edge of the earth. To become a true Pixelmon master, one must take on the daunting task of collecting all 10 badges and defeating ~The Pinnacle~.
So what are you waiting for? Your journey through Sierre is about to begin, goodluck!

Join our Raidcall! 6931452 By doing so you are making it much easier to give feedback and help fix any inconsistencies you find on your journey! The more helpful players will
be rewarded for their contributions when the server is finally released!

You will need to download our custom modpack only available through Raidcall until we sort some things out (DOES NOT CONTAIN PIXELMON).

Along with our custom config folder:
Spoiler: You will need to completely delete your old config and put this one into your .minecraft folder in order to access the server.

Server IP:

Here's a little server demo done by our very ownPlushie_69!

If you get disconnected on your first try attempt to reconnect right away! It disconnects all players on their first attempt.


The Do's:
- Earn Badges!
- Be Kind!
- Trade Pokemon!
- Interact With NPC's!
- Complete Quests!
- Explore!

The Do Not's:
- Disrespect Staff or Other Players
- Duplicate Items or Pokemon
- Spam or Curse in Chat
- Block Glitch
- Swim in the Ocean

Please note that in order to keep the server true to the game, we are unable to allow Pokemon riding at this time! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Fear not, Pixelmon players. ALL of the admins and moderators are understanding and helpful, just be sure you're asking the right admins the right questions!
Here's a guide for the best support

- Kamkari - Vast knowledge of Pokemon, their abilities and where they can be found

- Malicante - Having trouble crafting something or connecting to the server? Here's your guy.
- Plushie_69 - Our very own Bear Grylls, Plushie_69 know's his way around the world.
- Gamer1505 - The man is a redstone genius.
- Brightinferno - A well rounded admin, knows most of what all the others know

- Pokemondragon13 - She can hold her own in a battle, and can help you win yours.

[color=#FF0000]~Gym Leaders~[/color]

NORMAL - lv11 - lv14

GROUND - lv17 - lv20

WATER - lv25 - lv28

BUG - lv32 - lv36

PSYCHIC - lv41 - lv45

FLYING - lv49 - lv52

FIRE - lv55 - lv57

DRAGON - lv59 - lv63

POISON - lv60 - lv64

FIGHTING - lv63 - lv66

~The Pinnacle~

Psychic - lv72 - lv77

Grass - lv72 - lv77

Ghost - lv72 - lv77

Fire - lv72 - lv77

Various - lv79 - lv84

These are just a few of the places you will travel through on your journey








NOTE: This is a BETA release! This BETA is to help us judge the projected difficulty curve that players will be faced with on their journey.
Many things are still not set in stone and can change without notice. Pixelmon 3.0 and it's custom spawners and trainers are
going to be heavily tested upon release. If you wish to help please join the Raidcall (listed above).

By Malicante
#110292 Here's to hoping we get a good showoff! Also, good day to those who remember me.
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By Kamkari
#110493 New pictures of the region! Just a fraction of this explorable world for you to gaze upon.
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By Kamkari
#110915 Server is finally open, come check out the BETA! ALL participants will be eligible to receive a special BETA pokemon for playing (You just have to find it yourself!).
By Malicante
#110922 Whoops! Looks like I uploaded the wrong modpack/config! Sorry about that guys, here's the current links! For the modpack. (DOES NOT INCLUDE PIXELMON!) The (Correct) config.

Make sure to REPLACE your current mods/config with these folders, then add in any clientside mods. (Like Bettersprint)
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By Kamkari
#110940 You can only run our mods and config on this server, anything else will conflict and won't allow you to join. Sorry about that.