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By Noooooooooooooah
Byers5985 wrote:This is a good server if you are looking for trusting+caring mods and Admins the players on the server are even better and the owner is on quite often :)

Byers can't be more correct. Sometimes (like all servers) players get into arguments. But that is just playing (usually.. :D) that isn't actually harmful. Also there are MANY towns! I know of 4 or 5 not including spawn's town.

Also... If anyone needs a huge amount of leaves, I got a store selling them for low prices! :P

By Seilican
#13417 Man its getting so much fun on here with all the gym's poping up we are about to have all 8 working i am getting to be the 8th gym leader so happy

Hope to see you all soon

ps jish will up the cap once we have 40 players on at once we have gotten to 21 lets do this 8-)
By NickkyDC
#13825 Love this server! Make your own town, live in someone elses, It really brings the pokemon feel to minecraft. Playing this server is one of the first time ive truly felt like i was playing a pokemon mmo. It is just starting out but already its great! The admins and Staff are friendly and fun to play with. Its very dynamic and good spawn rate. Love everyone here! feels like family.
By jishness
#14243 Nearing our 8 gyms being completed. The League arena (a place for tournaments) will be finished soon as well. More quests are coming.

There is now a 2nd person aside from me with server access. All of our admins / moderators have been shown to be trustworthy players. Nothing but good things happening on our server.

An update is coming soon to the rules as they may not be clear-cut to some players but as long as you have a friendly attitude there are no rules you would be breaking.
By jishness
#14448 Bumping again. We are now running 2.1.1.

It is slightly unstable (*coughbukkitforge*), but there are two people with access to the server panel and several people have my phone number. It hasn't been crashing. But in the event of a crash, it can take time (so far an average of 5 minutes) to start back up. This shouldn't be an issue but I'm putting this information out there anyways.
#14461 Anychance that you can make this server accessibal by Cracked users :)?
if so I can gurantee at least 2 more active players who can help build stuff :)!

Oh, I can also show you how to do it in 2 easy steps, and since you're running it on Bukkit it shouldn't matter if it's a cracked-allowed server or not :) just more players for you.