By jishness
#19117 Caterpie City/Woods is East of Spawn Town, just follow the road.

We have one week before we move to a dedicated server. I'll be monitoring the amount of players on the server over this next week. If the player count stays high, we will definitely upgrade. But with spring break over, I'd like to see what the player count looks like and if we really need to upgrade or not.

By jishness
tobz789 wrote:I cant get on Error with Custom NPC? cant find an ID plz help :(

Tobz, delete the CustomNPCs zip from your mods folder, and then re-download it. Do not use a version you have already downloaded, you must use a new download from Noppes's forum topic.

You MUST delete your old CustomNPCs, and you MUST download a new one. You cannot connect until you do this.
By Launchpad
#20615 I am really excited for the Tournaments that are coming up. This should be awesome. Also the Round 2. Where you get to re battle the gym leaders but they have better pixelmon. This is all legit. Everything was made by the players. No fancy huge building from world edit. Awesome new quest line. Can you say team rocket quests? Oh indeed its the bees knees. The players are awesome and like to hang out talking on mumble. Join us you wont be sad, unless your a troll. Then go in a cave and sleep...........and don't come out.

-Launchpad (admin) (Ground Gym Leader) (Oasis Mayor)
By jishness
#21081 A new server is coming! All current items, the current world, etc all will be saved and transferred. Nothing will be lose, but we will be on a machine 6-10x more powerful. More features will be coming. Keep this topic on watch.
By jishness
aGraypanda wrote:Do you need a Mod/Builder/Admin?
Also Good Server

We've got a good amount of staff currently. If you would like to apply you can check out our forums.

Additionally, I'm bumping to let everyone know we have moved servers. I pointed all the domains to the new machine though so you shouldn't see any interruption in service.

We've got WAY more power now. Hopefully no more lag despite all the players who play here. I'll find out just how well it handles everything about 12 hours from now when most players are online.