By Launchpad
#24198 The server just got Forestry!! That's so intense! The server has a great community and can chat with them on mumble. These mods are seriously worth it. Come on by, you are missing out.
By jishness
#24445 Because we don't want to expand our current world any further (doing so encourages players to build farther away, despite our already vast amount of building space), we're adding a mining world that becomes available once every 5 days. This will help replenish our depleting resources, while not flowing too much in at one time.

The mining world opens in 7 hours (12 AM EST) and will be open for 24 hours. When it closes, it will not be available again until Saturday 12 AM EST.

Hope to see a lot of you. Remember, our server has been upgraded and could accomodate 100 players with little lag if we wanted. The cap is set to 60 currently as we have not been getting more than 40 players like we did in Spring Break. Prove me wrong, and come join a fun world! :)
By jishness
#25167 Daily bump.

Crash Detection couldn't get any better than what we have on our server. I set it up a day ago. While other pixelmon servers may crash and not be up for another few hours until someone can manually restart it, this only happens on very rare occasion on our server. (Those wrongly moved pixelmon bugs can be a pain)

I've a few other servers on my list that I compare our uptime to a lot. And I'm very proud that it has the best uptime out of all the servers I can see.
By jishness
#25276 Are you using the Forestry I posted or the one from the website? You have to use the one I posted, the versions are incompatible. If you need the one I posted, download it, put it in your mods folder, and then delete the Forestry folder inside your Config folder.

If you still can't connect, replace .minecraft/config/forestry/base.conf with this file: