By jishness
#25345 This forum has some error (i think it doesn't like all the dots in the forestry zip name) which prevents me from posting it in link forum, but yes, I did post the a link to the forestry we are using on here.

When an official 1.5.1 Forestry is released we'll be updating to that.
By jishness
#26126 Bump.

We updated Forestry to a newer beta version. I have updated all the links. This update will not require any Forge changes, just download the new Forestry and delete your old one.

This will help with some lag and stability issues, and fixing some of the features which weren't working. You won't see a lot of changes, as most of it is behind the scenes, but will improve your play experience by a lot.
By jishness
#27541 Make sure you have the latest Forge installed or at least the version we use (in the first post).

All you have to do from there is download the Forestry I posted and drop it in your mods folder.