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By linkyoda
#31228 PokeMafia has removed forestry and Mystcraft have been removed so don't worry about adding them if you don't want to.

This server is cool good community, it's in survival mode so you can build anywhere with in reason, and they are making changes to make the world better for the players.

By XwarlokX
#31518 Come join our server,it has a great community and lots to do. We have a fully functioning gym leader and badge system. And a huge world (The world border is turned off) we work on a claim system to prevent griefing,and PvP is turned off. We're just a friendly world with awesome Admins and Moderators. We have a pretty cool currency system in place which all on its own i've found makes Minecraft a lot more fun,throw in the Pokemon,and puzzles our wonderful op crew has worked on,and it's a blast! Everything is player created aside from the puzzles. We strive on not relying on ops to build everything for us,which makes it so much more rewarding when you see such awesome structures,and build your own. We will always welcome a new face so feel free to join us and I hope to see you soon! :)
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By charmander
#33072 I was just looking at the snapshots, just saying ill check this server out later ;D
By jishness
#33648 You need to use the correct version of CustomNPCs to connect. Until Pixelmon updates we will not be updating CustomNPCs to 1.5.2. Make sure you download the 1.5.1 version.
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By Byers5985
#33773 The server has a "Steady" economy and the people are nice 99% of the time overall the server is currently 24/7 With built in crash detection to help keep the server running even when there are no Admins or Operators on the server to tell. There are currently quest lines that will take you on journeys to "New" and exciting places There are currently more than 8 towns on the server and there is almost always some form of staff on at all times to deal with issues relating server and player issues (Overall: Awesome Server)

By xSassy200222
#35188 Great server, looking for more people to join my town, as its starting to get lonely in Snowflurry. We have a pokemon center and a pokemart. We are south of River Town. Ask for Sassy if you would like to join.