By Cyndaquil
#127999 You should edit the config only allowing players to choose Treecko, Torchik, or Mudkip. To Do that go under the servers config and go to pixelmon then scroll down to pixelmon starters and erase all except treecko mudkip and torchik. you might want to watch a video because this is very explanatory
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By NeonDiscovery
#128024 @KingFlame183

We use Pokebox with Shaders, but we haven't decided on a main texture pack because the server is not finished.


We want to use Sign Shops because it's digital money and it's easier to use.

If you have more suggestions please message me.

Thanks :)
By LeafGreen24
#128110 Can I be white listed . my username is LeafGreen24
I also beat Emerald like 10 times atleast and could be a huge help with anything especially the quest
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By TheWinterborn
#128112 Well since Ruby was the first game I got as a 3-year-old for Christmas, I would be glad to assist you in any way possible. I know a lot about Hoenn, and it seems like a fun game to play all around. I would love to be whitelisted, if you have the time! My username is TheWinterborn. Thanks!